SOG Gift Set


oh sorry I was ummm this new one and fell asleep

The ‘Team’ part really lames it.

ahahhahahahahahahahaha what?

fine i guess i’ll buy one if nobody else wants to do it

Oh thank you, I was hoping we’d have 1 or 2 but now that i know there are billions and billions im gonna take a nap

I may buy it just to see Georgia finally wooting…nah

Not into knives but amazon sells the blade alone for $79

Go team! Please, go.

Seems to be lots of knives and edge type tools on woot lately. Cool as these may be… as I’m an urban dwelling tech geek, I can’t really carry these around.

That’s I don’t buy knives from Amazon.

BTW, I think this is woot-off killer.

No, baby. Go! It’s your break.

I’d be so in for one of these if I wasn’t already searching for pennies on the floor of the bus.

Why not? postal workers can carry guns.

  • DO IT *

I am maxed out on blades and flashlights, and I am scared I don’t really mean that.

Oooh! You ever get one that’s all sticky with dried soda and a hint of green oxidation?

and laundry detergent?

Um… Why not? The small one fits on your keychain. The big one should fit just fine on your belt. Unless you’re going some place that they don’t allow knives, like an airport or bus station…

Room for one more!

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SOG Gift Set
$69.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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On the SOG site all of this would cost you $231.25 + shipping! Woot really has a deal on this set. I’m in for one.