SOG Gift Set



this is awesome… if i had this much money to burn…


You know, I wasn’t entirely sure about buyi this, but man that hat is just too good to pass up on.


The hat alone is worth 50 dollars


Er… uh… what’s a SOG?


Wow, it’s like a SOG straight razor. Just what I always wanted.


I’m trying to get some homework done, please let this item pause the woot off for a bit so I can get finished.


All I can say is. WOW!

Talk about quality woot this go-around!


It’s worth it just for the hat!


If this were an HP Touchpad, I’d be in for two!


knife alone is $86


same here man!


Would make carving a pumpkin fun.


Nice hat with free extras!


I say, it’s my understanding the hat will be worth the purchase price alone.


its hardly a gift when you are charging me 70 dollars for it…


If it had the SOG Tactical Tomahawk I’d be all over this deal.


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SOG Gift Set
$69.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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The price killed it for me on this item. I like knives and all, just can’t spend 70 bucks on a hat and some knives right now.

However, this woot-off seems off to a great start. very fast paced so far.
Almost like the days of old, before the amazon buyout.


All kids love SOG!