SOG Gift Set

And they will have 5000 of these. Only 3 Centon DataStick Pro 32GB USB Flash Drive and 2 ChargeBlock Case for iPhone 4. Come on.

Well, we didn’t say it was a gift for YOU. So sorry.

This set is pretty sweet. But it’s like being in a room full of super models trying to pick up a chick… I don’t have the money for it.

I wonder how good TSA would be at spotting these in your bag … with and without the hat on!

The text’s claim that someone’s 8th level Ranger took out Ho’Marth, Infernal Beast from the Plane of Hate has got to be fiction.


The large knife alone retails for 60 bucks.

You might be surprised how not so good the TSA is at finding items. :frowning: It worries me, ALOT!

got lucky not been checking lately this was a package I could use managed to get one ordered before was sold out they went fast

i’m disappointed. I thought the lights whirled around and around, while monkeys flew off of them until the one with the scarf got it caught and then he got dizzy and then he got sick and then the woot off ended until…the other monkey laughed too much and it got the scarf monkey mad enough to want to get even, so he turned the lights on again after secretly putting double sticky tape on the non-scarf monkey and watched him go for a spin… None of that happened. I’m disappointed.