SOG Gift Set

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SOG Gift Set
$14.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Team SOG! We dont stay crunchy in milk!

yea, that’s what i thought…

Looks like BOC happens tomorrow.

I don’t know, this actually looks like a good deal for just the multi tool alone.

weren’t these like 30$ in the last woot-off?

I’m not complaining, the hat alone is worth 30 dollars… Just feel bad for the people who bought it last month

I’m guessing this multitool isn’t the same as the other SOG multitool earlier in the Woot-off?

Is it just smaller?

what is this?!

Good deal but I WANT CRAP!

That was quick.

Good for puerto ricans or any latino

WTF i wanted one tried the second it popped up too!!

Enough Wooting-off for the time being… I think I’m going blind.


Those went fast!

Where is the Big Orange Casket?

Oooo cool, I can never turn down a multi-tool! Question is will it be a gift to myself or someone else!?!