SOG Hex Bit Accessory Kit

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SOG Hex Bit Accessory Kit
$7.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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isn’t this a little overpriced? Or are you paying for the SOG name brand?

I wore out F5 for this?!

wow, way overpriced for just a set of bits.

Unless things things were crushed and formed by the hand of Superman, in which case, in for 3!!!

Where do I plug it in?


Edit: $50 bucks says the rug sells out faster

security bits? or no

$20 from SOG plus ship

<3 SOG but the 500000 piece set from Costco was only 150$.

This is great if you have twelve bucks that you just can’t stand the sight of anymore.

12 bucks is a bit high for this. That’s a dollar per bit. Craftsman or Stanley can be had for cheaper.

I have three cordless drills, 18volt, and this is an amazing purchase. If I didn’t already have a set, I would JUMP on these. You really can’t go wrong with SOG.

You are paying for the shipping from China.

Well woot! is stretching it on this one…

LOL. Except for the SOG name emblazoned on it, this is a $2 flea market item.

In for 3. My brother is constantly losing these things. I’ve just saved him 2 hours from every project looking for one or another of them.

So now woot is selling the “gifts” that come with the knives even though the boxes say “not for resale”?

TIL something about the Amish from woot lol

What the hell??? can’t you get these for $1?

I guess they guys over at Woot needed a lunch break.