SOG Hex Bit Accessory Kit

Still waiting on the set I bought during the last woot off.


Hex bits on a wootoff? No way!

macgyver could use this to break out of Alcatraz or build an atom bomb.

Hex bits for $5??? weak woot… weak…

get them while they last.

► NOTE: Tonight’s Woot! Clue! is canceled…

Due to the woot-off… Check back tomorrow for an update.

$11 hex bit set? LULZ

Will there be a SOG hex driver in the near future?

woot has got to be in some way owned by the same guy who ownes the Miami Dolphins. And Jeff Ireland is the general manager

Anyone have a clue as to the durability of these bits? I eat through T6 bits like crazy.

You can buy hex bits for a lot less, but these are SOG hex bits. As to the durability of these bits, if you don’t know the difference, you’ve never lost skin or blood using a cheap version of hex bits. These take a lickin’ and don’t break very easily. Double threefer. I’ve used these ever since the CIA gave me a SOG multitool. Nothing worse than being in a country that doesn’t have a Walmart (fill in your favorite store name here) to go to when you have to fix a machine that you’re depending on to get you home, and a cheaply-made piece of soft hex bit material bends, buckles or breaks on you and you have to smell camel dung for two days.
The torque capacity of a hex key is a function of hardness, tensile strength, and stock size. Hardness determines tensile strength, and the following formula can be used to determine torque:
Torque = (tensile strength) * .2 * (stock size across flats)3


A hex key has a hardness of 57 RC, a tensile strength of 320000 psi, and a stock size of 0.25 inches.
Torque = (320000) * .2 * (0.25)3
Torque = (320000) * .2 * (0.15625)
Torque = (320000) * 0.003125
Torque = 1000

The chart below shows the relationship between hardness and tensile strength.

C ~Tensile
Strength Size across flats in inches
1/4 inch
61 360000 1125
59 340000 1063
57 320000 1000
55 300000 938
53 280000 875
51 260000 813
49 240000 750
46 220000 688
43 200000 625
40 180000 563
37 160000 500
All torque values in inch pounds
SOG bits go to a hardness of 59. Chinese cheap ranges from 54 down to 37.

Clue: A 4 letter word used to describe a woman ending in UNT.


That’s no fun!

So, you’re saying the wootoff will be done by this time tomorrow…hmm…

Amazon has it for $11 and free ship…same as this when ship included…

If you only buy one. Buy three, and you’ve saved $10.

Unless you buy three!!! Ahh, woot, I see what you did there!

No, I said check back tomorrow for an update. Could be I’ll play it. Could be I won’t. Could be I will but won’t tell you. Mostly likely though, if I don’t I will tell you.