SOG Meridian Topo TiNi

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SOG Meridian Topo TiNi
$44.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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whats with all the expensive junk?

$84.95 on this site

Great price for a great knife! I LOVE mine…incredibly handy!

I know nothing about knives and have nothing valuable to add, but this knife looks awesome (visually).

So this isn’t like the ones I have, where you need to keep the eyeglass screwdriver handy to put it back together?


“Sack Of Goodies?”
“Satchel Of Gophers?”
“Strongbox Of Geegaws?”

And I’d like to add that I refuse to kneel before SOG.

Any blade connoisseurs up right now? Is this a good price? It’s very pretty.

SOG makes some seriously fu-gly knives.

I’m glad they are finally admitting they design knives that are more about looks than anything else though:

“SOG continues to delight with innovation and forward thinking to bring you products that make you stand out, products that are as individual as you are”

There you have it.

would it be good for filleting fish?

Named for these guys:

Apparently, the original intent was for its origins to be untraceable…

sure, if you throw the knife away after, since all those fancy designs on the handle will get gummed up with fish spleen.

Absolutely… if by “fish” you mean the new guy on the prison yard.

May look good, but SOG knives are crap as far as quality, and I prefer my knives to be quality more than looks, since I use them more that admire their beauty.

Wow, that design (and especially the logo) make it look extremely tacky.

I don’t own a SOG knife, but from what I’ve noticed from their craftsmanship and build quality in shops and from forum feedback is that they tend to be a notch or two below Benchmade, Spyderco, and Kershaw.

Perfect design for slicing off your pesky fingertips when closing up the knife.

Now that’s how you become untraceable.

This looks very similar to my SOG Twitch II. The assisted opening is a very nice feature, but the lock that prevents it from happening has a very short throw, so I regularly check my belt to be sure it is still in the locked position. Once or twice, my knife opened on my belt, and as sharp as it is, it was a very scary thing. I could have easily slit my wrist reaching for my knife.

Aside from that, SOG makes wonderful blades and their construction is far better than my old Gerber that I loved until it was stolen by a house cleaning crew.

darn it. why do i need sleep. would’ve bought this one.