SOG Meridian Topo TiNi

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SOG Meridian Topo TiNi
$29.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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looks badass

Very tempting, lets see if i hit the button before it sells out

Carved into a park bench, “No Fate,…”


who brings a knife to a woot fight

This is one of those knives that its embarrassing to be seen with

Sara Conner thats not funny!

but what we make!

$79 on Amazon. Decent Reviews.

Good knife; just sort of dorky looking.

Damn it, I always miss the SOG goodness

Bought one on “Woot Your Own Adventure” day. Great knife, sharp, locks securely and feels good in the hand. Loved it until right now, when Woot underpriced their own previous deal by $15! Great for all of you that it costs 33% less today than it did a month ago, but kinda crappy.

From SOG’s website:

*Meridian - Topo - Black TiNi - Second

These knives cannot be sold as new, but are in “new” condition. They may have been used at a tradeshow, have small scratches, or tooling marks but nothing very noticeable and absolutely nothing that would impede the performance of the product. $125.00 *

Selling seconds for $125…Holy Crap Batman!

It’s the way Woot Works.