SOG Multi-Tool Powerlock EOD w/Nylon Sheath

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SOG Multi-Tool Powerlock EOD w/Nylon Sheath
$29.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Yes, there’s a manual.

(S61L = leather sheath)

For those who didn’t think the 18 in 1 tool wasn’t enough. For $10 more, you can get 4 more “tools” and a sheath!

could be cheaper

Well… unless they only have 4 of these, this should be a good time to grab something to eat…


This will not cut through your arm.


The sheath also works great on your other tool(s). Comes highly recommended. SOG is great with their lifetime warranty too with almost no questions asked exchanges.

$10 cheaper than last time…

Winning…and it comes with a Nylon Sheen, not a Charlie Sheen.

“ba dum cha”

The large collection of Skil tools for $2.99 was a far better deal imho.

wasn’t this 19.99 earlier in the woot off?

seems realllllly familiar

Even though the last Woot-Off was bad, this is right up there. Crap, crap, crap.

I got this from Woot last year. AWESOME multi-tool.

or boulders

Will it fix my tachyon accelerator?

You missed the ‘ath’ part of the word Sheath and added an ‘en’. :slight_smile:

I wonder if these are any better than the one I bought 2 years ago. It came completely apart on me and I broke both flat screwdrivers in the first month. My Leatherman lasted me 6 years until I lost it, this lasted less than a year. Nope, can’t get myself to do it!

I’d imagine that if it came with Charlie Sheen, the discount would be much greater.