SOG Multi-Tool Powerlock EOD w/Nylon Sheath

You never know when you might need to cut off your arm.

Buy 3!

Woa awesome! Someone buy 3!

I hear varying reviews on the quality of this product. Thoughts?

And that, my friends, means it’s time for bed.

I do need a multi-tool.

Why is the Woot off always right before I get paid?

Use with hurts donut

this thing saved my life once! you NEED to buy one for everyone in your family…

thats what she said? :wink:


Well as an experienced woot-off victim…I am now going to go to bed, sleep for 7-8 hours, wake up and work out, then go to work and log on to woot, go though the history and realize I missed NOTHING worth buying…happens every time :slight_smile:

Amazon has killed woot. It has been garbage since they bought it.

Goodbye woot, it was fun while it lasted…


holy shit wads another Wootoff! dammet Woot…dammet

Wow! It’s a tool for people that don’t know enough about tools to use real tools!

But is this the made in China version? lol

and yet we’re all still here…

looks like a deadly robotic bunny rabbit

I think you’re right. I do believe you have heard varying reviews. Good job!

I have purchased 4 of these tools and they are impeccable quality. I like it better than my Leatherman Charge XTi which cost twice as much. Carry it with me regularly.

Woot off?!?!