SOG Multi-Tool Powerlock EOD with Leather Sheath

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SOG Multi-Tool Powerlock EOD with Leather Sheath
$39.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 SOG S61L Multi-Tool Powerlock EOD with Leather Sheath

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I got no linkage on this one today. I don’t think there are any “real” reviews out there for it. But it’s cheap, right? So why not.

Picked one of these up awhile back; love it and carry it everywhere. It is a fairly large chunk of metal, so make sure you make some measurements for comparison. I only wish the sheath snapped on.

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Um, $40 really? Aren’t these things like $10 at Wal-mart, home depot or pretty much anywhere?

This is a good and useful tool, 1/2 the price of a Leatherman.

But a word of warning. Do not attempt to go through a TSA checkpoint with one of these in your carry-on luggage!

If you do, you’ll be given two choices:

  1. Return this to your car (Thus missing your flight)

  2. “Donate” your tool to the nice person at the TSA security checkpoint.

Ask me how I know this…

Black friday makes me see $20 savings as petty…

Reminds me of a classic beer commercial:

(sung) What’s a Hasp???

Cool gadget, just not on Cyber Monday of all days…

Oh, yeah, the well known “government fuse well specifications.”

blah blah blah :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s nifty looking tool. Stop your belly aching :stuck_out_tongue:

and PS last year’s black friday deal was awesome…someone said it sucked :stuck_out_tongue:

Not exactly a nice stocking stuffer for kids 6 and up. And won’t exactly provide hours of entertainment discovering all the fun tools.

They also have the mail it home option…

Great gift for any outdoorsperson…men or woman

while youre at it…better get yourself one…i

have had one for years…great tool!!!

and errr hummm that blades IS sharp.

PS this is not the 9.99 toylike multi tool you see at the box stores

Yes, there’s a manual.

I do agree that as a cyber monday deal it stinks.

But for what it is, it is awesome. I have one, love it. Best price in the world for it. It is an older edition, the main change on the newer one is that there are individual lockback levers for each tool, this one has just one main lever for all the tools.

The only other comparable multitool than this Leatherman’s higher priced stuff. The main difference is that their tools can be accessed when the pliers are closed; the SOG you have to open up first.

I think the SOG has the best pair of pliers between the two, and it can be opened up one-handed due to the gear system it has.

I thought it was pretty clever the way they hid the coupon code in the product description.

Thanks woot!

Just saw the movie 127 hours, question is will this saw off your arm if needed?

Agree with all here… This is beyond lame. I’d rather buy the Etch-a-Sketch over on Kids.Woot than this Leatherman Wannabe.

I was expecting a Woot Off or at the least, something that wouldn’t last long. Turns out that the one that didn’t last long on Woot today was me. See ya.

Don’t think of it as $20…think of it as over 30% off.