SOG Multi-Tool Powerlock EOD with Leather Sheath

I’m surprised there is no mention of the leak from Woot.!/woot/status/15547360604061696

and Snapster’s response!/snapster/status/15548861502193665

I own one; carry it with me daily. It’s substantially bigger than a Swiss Army knife, but it does fit in a pocket… or on a belt with the sheath.

Only a couple minor annoyances: the flaps covering the tools will pop off, it’s often hard to lock the scissors in place, and I’ve seen a spot or two of rust on some parts.

Overall about the best knife I’ve owned though. Still quite sharp after a lot of abuse. Definitely something you want to take with you hiking, camping, or fishing.

After seeing 127 Hours, I’m in for three.

Not a bad deal, but has the non-EOD version with V-Cutter for $46 and it comes with a SOG Micron Tanto, which is a great little keychain knife.

The “confidential” release had pictures of kittens and a cartoon.

We worked hard on that business plan. It’s a shame the surprise was spoiled – we had a theater booked!

they’ve always been less than this on woot in the past;-(

You weren’t suppose to spoil the fun. Next you’ll be telling me that Dumbledore dies.

And he’s joyous.

Since no-one else is posting this,…

This was for the SOG S61 Powerlock EOD Multitool w/ Nylon Pouch, June 6, 2010. Comparisons I think are reasonable even though it’s not exactly the same model:

Do you think Woot might notice that we’ve gone a wee bit off topic?

Did you know that Dumbledore carried a multi-tool made of wood from an elder tree?

A lot of wizards think they know where the Elder Wand is.

It’s in my office:


I don’t know, let’s check it out:

“Can anyone hear me” “me” “me” “me”

“Echo” “echo” “echo” “echo”

I guess no-one’s noticing. Can approach like a woot-off day?

I have a pair of these with the V-cutter instead of the scissors. Great tool really. Covers over handles are slightly flimsy and occasionally pop off.

Price is up $3 from last time I bought this during a WOOT OFF. Bad WOOT, raising prices right before our pagan gift giving ceremony.

So instead of copying and pasting the previous comment I posted on the last SOG Powerlocks that came up, I’m just gonna leave a link Previous Woot!

Short version, best multi tool you can buy, a steal at this price.

I’ve got one of these in my hands right now, so I might as well post some impressions.

First off, the pros: in most places, the construction is top-notch. The pliers are milled well enough that the little teeth actually mesh, the gear reduction system works well, and all the tools are as good as you’ll find on a multitool. Even the awl is incredibly sharp - when was the last time you saw that? Of course, the knife is top quality, and so’s the saw. The “EOD” features might seem a bit over-the-top for non-military users, but I’ve actually made good use of the wire crimpers (which clamp down with a good amount of force). They’re tucked nicely out of the way, too - my buddy has a different “EOD” multitool, and on his the pliers are almost useless because they’ve been taken up by a circular crimping tool. Here, there’s no such problem.

However, before you buy, there are a few issues. First off, it’s one heavy mother you-know-what. It weighs more than half a pound! It’s great in a glovebox, but it’s not going to live comfortably in most pockets. Depending on your weight preferences, it might even be too much for backpacking. I’m not the sort of guy who cuts off toothbrush handles, but I typically grab the Leatherman instead when I go out for a longer trip.

Second, there are a couple of build quality issues. For instance, the scissors don’t want to lock into place without a bit of pressure on the back of the lock tab. More importantly, the handle covers aren’t really up to the same level as the rest of the tool - they’re thin metal, and one of mine arrived warped to the point where it kept popping off. They’re easily removable, but then the edges of the tool aren’t very nice to your hands.

Finally, while the 1/4" driver is clever, I wouldn’t trust it with a serious amount of torque. That seems to kind of negate the point of a socket driver, to me - the pliers are already capable of handling low-torque bolts, and I usually only reach for a socket when I need to torque something down.

Overall, I like it, and I think it was worth the $40 I paid (with nylon sheath). I’ve been glad I had it more than once. I wouldn’t go for it at the $120 MSRP, but at this price, it’s a pretty good multitool for your glove box (or a great gift for a tool lover). The only caveat is that I wouldn’t get it expecting to carry it every day, or as a backpacking multitool. The weight is kind of a killer on that front.

Where is this thing made?

In the USA. SOG is headquartered in Washington state.

I purchased this on when it was on woot. The pliers seem like they would be sturdy…

I picked it up from the post office on Saturday morning. The very first time i tried to use it, Saturday night, it broke. I was turning a loose screw with the philips driver. It lasted a quarter turn before snapping clean off.