SOG Outdoor Gear - 3 Piece Set with Nylon Sheaths

For all your serial killer needs.

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dig myself a hole to crawl in and sleep for a whole day !!

SOG tools get good reviews overall on Buzzillions.

This would make an excellent gift for my friend Dexter.

A saw, an axe, and a shovel?

Since when did when did become

Just what I need in the winter time with an inch of snow on the ground. Thank you Woot.

AWESOME! A zombie survival kit!

E-Tools are really nice for camping.

I actually have this set. The shovel and hand saw are actually quite handy while camping. I don’t know if anyone still uses a hatchet anymore. Maybe like a hammer?

Wonders if “Dexter” browses woot.

The only piece of this kit that’s worthwhile is the ax. The shovel won’t stay locked and the pruning saw broke pretty quick. Woot fail!

Finally, something to murder people with since I didn’t get a bag of crap!

Now, TSA approved!

I wish I would have had this when I worked at a summer camp. It would have so come in handy to cut down some branches for a fire and things of the like!

Stop. Just Stop already NightGhost. 1500 quality is just too much. No way you can balance out the nonsense here in the forums on your own.

Seeing as we’re under a couple feet of snow here in Buffalo this might actually be a good investment

Do these come with a lifetime warranty? I need tools that will last. Chopping up and burying bodies puts a lot of stress on tools.

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