SOG Outdoor Gear - 3 Piece Set with Nylon Sheaths

Watched all 5 episodes of the Walking Dead at once…and am now currently working on a kit myself…this really needs a rifle with scope and a poop ton of ammo and it would be a great deal!

What are the odds this will show up in time for Christmas? It’ll make a great Christmas gift.
Well, that’s almost the truth. The inlaws are coming and these could be useful – especially the shovel and the hatchet.

I want to use the middle tool as an ice cream scooper.

I thought this was a gardening set.

the upper northwest corner of the US is looking like a very scary place to be right now

Where was this on Halloween?

Product websites!

Camp Saw
Entrenching Tool
Hand Axe

In case you were interested, this woot will add 3.23125 lbs. of weight to your backpack… or 9.69375 lbs. if you buy three…and pack them all.

These kits are great for the truck (or car), I gave a set to my sister for car camping and she loves them. My 2 marine housemates looked at my kit and were impressed, I love it. Had to get several more today.

Wow, I sure do hope I don’t find myself out by the woodshed… or, the lower forty… or the upper loft, or the sty pen, or the squammy, or the otherwise uncomfortable areas of living or persuading… Peace, Love, Harmony…

Tomorrow woot will have a special on cleaning supplies and extra large trash bags. Hopefully smartpost can get it delivered before the smell gets to you!

That’s why I just ordered this. It’ll be a great addition to my pack for snowshoe trips in the mountains.

I bought one. If nothing else it is good to keep in the car if needed. I don’t do so much camping anymore.

Wow. You’re right. Good catch. Will be avoiding those states for a little while. :\

Neat set, I’m in for 2. One for a gift, and one for myself, definitely worth while for serious campers.

Are these DEXTER approved?

I bought this the last time it was up. I don’t really have a use for the saw, but it is very handy and light if you do need it. I use the shovel and hatchet when camping/backpacking and they are great.

The hatchet is the perfect weight, it has some heft to it, but is not overly cumbersome. And is very sharp. I can cut through 3" branches with no problems. And it can be used as a hammer as well for pounding stakes and such.

I would definitely recommend this for any camper/survivalist. It’s good quality, and cheaper than most of the similar sets out there.

Happy Woot-Off end, and to all a good night -

I’m kinda sad to see it go

Eventually Woot will just have to upgrade his ‘quality posts’ status to Dungeon Master.

I can’t believe that the manufacture thought it would be a good idea to put these three tools in one kit. You might as well include cleaning supplies, Lyme, and large trash bags.