SOG Outdoor Gear - 3 Piece Set with Nylon Sheaths

For those who didn’t read the entire description…

This requires an adult to be present at the time of delivery to sign for the package.

Reminds me aof the Chinese Military Shovel.

It’s a saw, it’s an axe, it’s a ruler, it’s a knife, it’s a hoe, it’s a grappling hook, it’s a wire snipper, it’s a shield, it’s a pliers, it’s a can opener, it’s a hammer, it’s an oar, and it digs dirt!

Also great for fighting off Zombies!

bought this the last time it was offered and it arrived in time for a scout camping trip - while the shovel seemed a bit flimsy, the guys used it and it held up just fine. The saw needed to be tightened, but once that was done it held up to the abuse it got well and worked much better than I expected it to. Didn’t use the ax much, if I had to do much with it I’d suggest using a glove - the handle could be better. Overall I’d do it again, if scouts didn’t tear it up I’m sure it will last me a while.

I am a member of a website, that gets discounts, from SOG, due to the work that I do (no I will not explain). Even with the discount, I could not beat the prices on these items. SOG stands by their products, and they should all last quite a while. If not I am sure you can go direct with them about it. SOG normally makes really high quality product, so I am hoping that this will meet expectations.

I received mine but didn’t sign for it, Fed-Ex guy dropped it in my backyard with a note on front door saying it was in back patio.

I bought this durring the last wootoff, the ax and shovel are good, though the shovel is small even for collapsing one (like half the size of military “entrenching” tool). the saw is garbage, but will cut through wood and how long till it falls apart is anyone’s guess. Any tool I have to repair midway through using it, is crap!

this set is best suited for a kid or a gardner.

I know you can’t get an extended warranty on hand tools, but I just wanted to let you know you can get 35% off on a Squaretrade warranty with the code SECRETuntil midnight tonight PST. You can get extended warranties for anything you bought for 90 days back (I think)
If they can’t fix it they’ll pay for it.
They bought my 3 year old LCD TV for the full price of 999.99 and my refurbished quad core computer for 799.98.
I put warranties on all my electronics.

I love my SOG multitool but I would never trust this kind of E-tool. Buy one of the older (WWII) versions that only folds once. They are a lot more durable.

Could you elaborate slightly on the usage? I mean will it hold up to entrenching, light digging? Did you use the hatchet? How did that go? Did the saw break on you, or did you just have to tighten it? I am disappointed if this turns out the be the case. SOG usually makes nice knives etc.

bought this last time. great set SOG makes great quality stuff.

Can I take it on a plane?

I bought this back in the summer and just bought another one for a gift. I haven’t used the saw all that much, I mean who is going to use a saw when you can whack the hell out of something with an axe? Anyways what I have used of the saw it didn’t give me any problems. I love the entrenching tool. I gave away my old Coleman one. The hatchet is great. It doesn’t look like it, but it has some heft to it to make it useful. The handle is a little odd. The edges are not very rounded so it can make repeated use a little uncomfortable. I got around this by braiding some paracord around it and now it works like a charm. Hope this helps.

Receipt shows it will ship within 5 business days; the add boasts 2-day air/arrives by Christmas - so which is it?

I am a BIG fan of SOG Knives, good price for this 3 piece combo. Good to carry in your vehicle, just in case.

Unless you want people asking about/picking on you for your “super awesome totally secret website membership,” don’t bring it up at all.

Did I miss the part where SOG is expanded out into real words?

See here:

Seems you can get those for around $90 on ebay.

I also just got this set last week when it was on woot.

Shovel isn’t too bad. I will only use it for camping, making campfire rings or nature potties.

The saw is thin, so you have to go easy on it. But it’s to be portable as well as functional, so for the weight, it’s a good bargain.

received mine just before Christmas. Adult Signature wasn’t required for delivery in my region (apparently).

Haven’t used the E-Tool yet - But I have used the Saw and Hatchet to break down and split limbs of a felled tree. So far they’re working flawlessly.

A great overall value.