SOG Outdoor Gear - 3 Piece Set with Nylon Sheaths

I am a BIG fan of SOG Knives, good price for this 3 piece combo. Good to carry in your vehicle, just in case.

Unless you want people asking about/picking on you for your “super awesome totally secret website membership,” don’t bring it up at all.

Did I miss the part where SOG is expanded out into real words?

See here:

Seems you can get those for around $90 on ebay.

I also just got this set last week when it was on woot.

Shovel isn’t too bad. I will only use it for camping, making campfire rings or nature potties.

The saw is thin, so you have to go easy on it. But it’s to be portable as well as functional, so for the weight, it’s a good bargain.

received mine just before Christmas. Adult Signature wasn’t required for delivery in my region (apparently).

Haven’t used the E-Tool yet - But I have used the Saw and Hatchet to break down and split limbs of a felled tree. So far they’re working flawlessly.

A great overall value.