SOG Outdoor Gear - 3 Piece Set with Nylon Sheaths

For all you homicidal needs.

playing games leads to this?

Are these TSA carry-on compliant?

This ranks at least an 8.

Got this last time. Seems good, the hatchet is the prize winner… the other two are okay…

It started with knives, now it’s full on Shoves, Saws and Axes. Oh the humanity.

I Lol’d

voted #1 for the zombie invasion…

Perfect for dismembering a body, digging a shallow grave and disguising the shallow grave with branches… not that I have thought about it…

woot killahhh.

Wow, a SHEATH. Not an attache or satchel, but a sheath!

Must …resist…urge…

Previous woot July 24, 2010

December 3

I bought this set not too long ago here on woot.

Two weeks ago I took the gear outdoors with me. Don’t expect heavy duty usage out of this. I used the axe to hack away at a 1 inch thick branch and after use the edge already showed wearing. It’s decent as a throwaway backup kit if you really needed it.

Dexter asks “does the saw cut through bone?”

What better way to start preparing for the inevitable zombie apocalypse?

The reviews are not stellar, but the price is.

“Non-reflective hard-cased black coating”
How are you supposed to signal the rescue chopper with that?

Perfect for the ex-husband :wink: