SOG Outdoor Gear - 3 Piece Set with Nylon Sheaths

come on woot…

i dont need this :[[[

If this woot off goes any slower I’ll kill myself with one of these tools.

Um… no.

Sweetness!! Totally need one… thanks w00t! Now for a Bag of Crap!

Send lawyers, guns and money!

(oh, and my nifty SOG set, or I’m SOL)

this is a fantastic deal o.O Too bad I’m not gonna be camping out in a situation that’d require these for a while x3

The shovel bends easily and the locking lug on the saw seams to break pretty fast. If you just need a cheap something that you aren’t depending on then it is a pretty good set.


Being that I’m in the market for some camping gear, I’m slightly tempted to buy this. But is this brand any good?

You’d be speeding it up if you bought them.

who on woot would want this and if they did they could go to home depot for the same price if this woot off keeps at this rate its official amazon has ruined woot.

Insert jokes about serial killers and homicidal lunatics here.

And my very first time to be first to purchase!! I am on a roll!!

nice description

first grow lights and now this
maybe Woot should start a crime site

Also useful for someone to then slice you up and bury you too! :slight_smile:

The shovel is absolute garbage! Do not buy this!

Why? because every item is 80% off and something you can use?

Ah, I see has returned. Unless you guys include packing lime, acid, or some other addition that will disolve bone quickly and without a trace, I’m afraid I can’t purchase your merchandise.