SOG PowerLock EOD Multi-Tool with Leather Sheath

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SOG PowerLock EOD Multi-Tool with Leather Sheath
$39.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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I feel like we are never going to get a BOC

This thing must be turbocharged!

Can you imagine what MacGyvver could have done with this thing?

Will this ship to my prison address? If so, in for 3.

I don’t need the Predator’s nose hair trimmer. Geez.

Also seeSOG Specialty Knives & Tools S61-N EOD PowerLock Silver

Laughed, then killed you with a paperclip.

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The consensus was that if you use it what it’s meant for it’s awesome.

Also you can swap out the tools you don’t want.

This write-up makes my teeth hurt…

I’m still waiting for my very first monkey… I miss them every time :frowning:

My one of these arrives today. I’m excited. I already have a SOG meridian knife which is superb!

Is that a multitool in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?


He would have of course needed a paperclip and a stick of gum. And a Stargate.

Does anyone actually buy these things???

I have one of these that I use on a daily basis. I LOVE it. The little wing-looking flappy things can be detached, which is helpful. It has a really nice geared opening motion to it, and with all the hardcore work I’ve done with it (including but not limited to prying, cutting and shaving bits of metal) it hasn’t so much as scratched the finish. I am seriously contemplating buying a second one in case I lose the first one, because I’m sure as hell not worried about it breaking.


SOG Should be a curse word used during Woot-Offs to replace SOB.