SOG PowerLock EOD Multi-Tool with Leather Sheath

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SOG PowerLock EOD Multi-Tool with Leather Sheath
$39.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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It looks like somebody dropped their pliers on the All-Spark again. - $67.99
Sears - $66.53 - $82.99
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Woot is no longer on my list of awesomeness. Thanks for screwing it up Amazon!

Can anyone tell me what Woot means by refurbished when it relates to computers?

At the rate they sell these, everyone who ever wanted one should have three by now.

…I’m about to get mine.

All I can think about, while looking at this, is how badly I need to use it to yank out this tooth that’s bothering me…it certainly looks more than capable of doing so.

You should leave that one in. It’s your last one!

I bought one these on Woot about a month ago, the pliers broke two days later while pulling a nail from a 2x4. If I send it back to Woot, can I get a new one??

I have nothing to say.

Can this thing cut the mustard?

I am relatively new to this so I am learning on the fly…and getting some great deals in the process.

SOG - Super Overpriced Garbage.

Get a Leatherman!

Hubby got these on the last time offered, and he is thrilled with the purchase. He is a tools guy, works on his trucks alot, and uses it around the farm. To me, it seems very sturdy.

No, but if you send it to SOG, you can get a new one. These are covered by SoG’s lifetime guarantee.

Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD)

I severed a finger just looking at this thing.

last SOG tool I got from woot, the locks that are supposed to hold the blades/tools open and in place bent out of shape within a few days

Got one last time they were listed. Really too big to carry around on a belt. But useful in my traveling toolkit. I plan on adding in the wire stripper to make it very useful.