SOG PowerLock EOD Multi-Tool with Leather Sheath

down for two…thank god tablet gone

Yes, but not a good deal so no!!


Yes saved from tablet death and now we have SOG death.

So much better.

This tool is useless . . . Why buy it ?

I love my SOG - and I agree with the comment about the covers. Not sure what purpose they serve.

That was fast…

I’ve got a similar SOG multi-tool. I use it all the time and it’s very reliable. Just make sure you check the locking mechanism because it doesn’t always click into place, though it’s unlikely that you’ll need it anyway, since the way you hold it while using the knife prevents it from closing completely anyway.

I keep it in the sheath upside-down so i can take it out without paying attention and have it drop straight into my hand. I work outdoors and it’s never fallen out unexpectedly. The snap that holds it in is very strong.

Like most multi-tools, this one has the stupid idea of a half-serated main blade in addition to a saw. I wish they would just make it with a straight main blade for slicing and stabbing, and leave the sawing to the saw. That’s why it’s there.

wow, sold out before my post even went up

They “soften” the edges of the housing so they don’t hurt or cut into your hands when you’re really bearing down on your grip, otherwise the thin edge kinds sucks.

Just happened to RTFM and that it says:

Never store the tool in the leather case!!

I don’t know about anyone else but if I don’t store this thing in the leather case I’m going to lose one or the other.