SOG PowerLock EOD Multitool

Cool, but is it worth $35?

Nice Multitool very solid.

OMG where’s ur dink go?

Been using one for years, solid multitool, some of the most powerful pliers you’ll find in a multitool. I’d bet my life on it. Now to resist the urge to buy more cause I already have 3 just for personal use

Bottle opener AND blast cap crimper. Very handy tool for when you want to get drunk and make a bomb.

Overall this looks like a solid deal. Better priced than anywhere else I can find. This one comes with a traveling case which is nice. Doesn’t have any negative reviews that I’ve seen.

yes. Very much so. Bought one for my boyfriend during the last time it came up in a woot off and just bought one for myself. Retail is around 100 bucks.

Junk… this one doesn’t even come with a spare ignition key, nor a spare tire. 8-|

Not worth it. NEXT!!

Amazing tool. Use it all the time. Sog makes great tools

Wow woot, you guys actually convinced me to buy something. That never happens during wootoffs.
Hopefully the wirecutters work well on bike cables. Anyone know? Merp.

Yeah, I guess if you can’t figure out how to use it, it would be worthless.

They work excellent, I’ve cut much thicker steel cable with them, though that job did take a little chewing.

S’pose that’s what the lifetime warranty is for.
Thanks for the response! Wasn’t sure if I’d get one in time. These things move quickly.

My heart heaves heavily! Woe upon the $40 that has left my bank account.

This is a fantastic multi-tool, I picked one up last time they were offered here and have used it everyday since I received it. The pliers are amazingly strong, ditto the cutters and crimpers, the blades all deploy effortlessly each with it’s own lock release so you don’t have to open another blade to unlock one your using, very nice design. Solid tool well worth the money; at this price get two…