SOG Powerlock EOD with C-4 Spike


spike softly

Is it spring loaded?

rather some C4 and det cord. =\

Nice, spent $60 on one of these already. Great deal!

you call that a knoife?..

I see you played knifey spoony before.

A boyscout’s dream… shame I was kicked out of the girl scouts.

Just what I need when I find a bomb under my front porch!

I have this in black. Very handy. Haven’t used the C4 spike yet though.

Hey idk if my last post cut off but do you know what “first sucker” means in the stats for the item?

SOG makes great knives!

Gah, if I hadn’t bought crap for mother’s day I could have gotten this for my father’s birthday which is soon.

I recently picked up a Gerber Diesel and I love that thing. I’m not sure about this though.

C4 Spike answer:

If I buy this, will they let me join SWAT?

First person to buy it

that’s the name of the first buyer of each item.
now buy something.

Thanks megaloX