SOG PowerLock Stainless Multi-Tool

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Meh. For almost $40 shipped, I’ll get a Gerber.

Are these comparable to Leatherman multi-tools?

Anyone know how long it is, collapsed? Wondering if it’s pocket friendly.

Can you get on a plane with one of these in your pocket?

Sweet tool - these are worth every penny.

From that handy-dandy website posted above, it’s 4.6" long closed.

Comparable to Leatherman? Recently, leathermans aren’t up-to-par with any off-brands. they use softer metal now – Sog is a really solid company and worth every penny. This is a really good price too

Per their website, these eat Leatherman and Gerber knives like snobby rich guys snack on caviar. Who wants to snack on that awful-tasting crap anyway? Why don’t you let the eggs grow into something useful, like fish. Let those poor Leathermans and Gerbers grow into real knives one day, geez.

o ya definitely, but you wont be able to get on one again

I would hate having to gift some TSA person’s child with one of these.

I got one a couple months back when they were on the main woot! site.

I have had the gerber and leatherman equivalents, and I can safely say that the SOG Multi-Tool is streets ahead of the competition. I have not yet used the blasting cap crimper, but every other tool in this package has been of service in one way or another. I’m particularly impressed with the 1/4" socket drive and cantilevered pliers/wire stripper. It lives in my go-bag or on my belt. A wonderful tool at a wonderful price.

Of note is that the attachments are interchangeable, if you’d rather have a marlinespike/punch instead of the socket driver, you can change them out. If you’d rather have a multi-gauge wire stripper than the wood saw, be my guest. It’s well made, well designed and warrantied for a lifetime.

4.6" closed and 7" open according to the site linked to by Nightghost.

Sounds a bit large for a pocket unless you have cargo pants, in my opinion. Certainly a threat to your cell phone screen. :stuck_out_tongue:

The description says 1 year warranty. Though it is hard to imagine a defect showing up after a year. At that point it is probably misuse rather than a defect

I’ve picked up a few of their knives and multi-tools off woot. They all seem well made and durable. The multi-tools I’ve purchased aren’t the same model as this one, but they look similar. They are about 1/2" to 5/8" thick and fairly heavy. You’re probably not going to feel comfortable with one of these in your pocket for long periods of time.

I own a EOD 2.0 and it absolutely rock after 2 years of consistent use.

Pfft, some of us are a little busy at the moment. =P Thanks! That’s acceptable. I am in.

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