SOG PowerLock Traveler Multi-Tool

What the hey? The image under Sports & Outdoors is for a Tribe Provision Mummy Sleeping Bag, but this pops up instead. Someone in dire need of sleep?

Anybody have experience getting this thing through TSA?

I took a Swisstool ( which is very much like the SOG ) with me during a flight from San Antonio to Atlanta and had no problem with security.

But then again that was in June 2001 without TSA. So today you might find out if your prostata is OK after they took away your SOG for good and they put more than just a finger up your…

Additionally, this tool is designed to follow the specific carry-on regulations of the United States Transportation Security Administration

I’m sure some TSA puke will find a reason to not allow it onboard. I lost my P38 can opener that was in my wallet to a shift sup who thought it could be used as a weapon. He asked how would I feel if I knew the person behind me had this on his/her person? My response was , “about the same way I would feel knowing the guy behind was wearing military pilot sun glasses and that he could break off one part of the frame, shove it in the base of my skull and scrabble what little brains I had left”. He wasn’t amused. He kept the P38.

Glasses: Anyone who has owned a pair of these know the ear part of the frames can be used as a spike if needed LOL.

I lost the P38 I pulled out of the last case of C-rats I ever saw and had been carrying on my keychain since 1985 and had flown with dozens of times post 9/11. First and last time I let anyone book me on a connection through MCI.