SOG PowerPlier Deluxe Multitool

weren’t these on earlier? Or is just me?

First sucker to woot at -.43 seconds…now THAT’S fast!

This really doesn’t seem bad. The same thing sells at Sears for 75 dollars. It would make a decent stocking stuff at least!

43.98 @ BUDK - not a bad woot…

The headline made me laff my buttocks off!


Vuja de?
me a wireless dual-band gaming adapter!

but alas, i sleep. if it comes up, can someone buy it, and ill pay em back when i wake up.

SOG is legit, not cheap shit

i think my surgeon has this

I’ve heard a lot about this alleged “barage of clouds” but does it even really exist?

You*re g0nna l0ve my nutz baby! Yeah!!!

so, yeah…how is this supposed to be different from that? or from my other multi-plier tools?

The other one was slightly different, $34.99 and they had a total of…1

Buy it here, now, or go to Sears and get one for 80 bucks.

Only if you don’t blink.

You have bought a tons of woots since you became a member…

you can haz cheezeburger

Will this help me with my cleft camel toe problem?

almost as useful as the nut roaster

as long as you aren’t freezing it off…

perfect. I just lost my original Leatherman PST.

I like my leatherman better