SOG S61 Powerlock EOD Multitool w/ Nylon Pouch Woot Info Post
so i herd u like!

SOG S61 Powerlock EOD Multitool w/ Nylon Pouch [New] - $39.99 + $5 shipping

1 * SOG S61 Powerlock EOD Multitool w/ Nylon Pouch

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Dang good deal, over $60 @ amazon.

Product Website

Sellout.Woot had the S60 previously.

I’m wondering if the needle nose pliers mechanism is spring-loaded to prevent pinched fingers?..


Good quality
Most tools actually work


Awkward to use smaller tools
The grip is open, meaning if you clamp hard on the tool to get good torque on the pliers then it digs hard into your hand

It is not spring loaded!

YouTube demo

Got this with the leather case over at the real woot a while back. It’s very very nice. The powerlock feature multiplies your gripping power so the open side design isn’t as much as a problem as if you had to really bear down on the pliers.

I thought I’d use it for PC repair, but using the phillips and minus screwdrivers isn’t as comfortable as real screwdrivers. So I still have to carry some plus/minus pliers.

What I did do is go over to SOG and get the wire stripper attachment and replaced the awl with wirestrippers. Much handier and makes me feel like McGuyver (not McGruber).


I did that… The wire strippers are pretty weak and awkward to use. I prefer just to use the built in cutters to strip.

the built in crimpers rae nice!

I got the s60 version offered here a while back. I am very happy with it, but haven’t used it too much either. The blade is very sharp and I like the needle nose pliers. The gerber I have is a blunt nose version and is less handy.

If you’re a guy and think carrying around a nail clipper is for sissies, carry this even though it doesn’t mention anything about a nail clipper. REAL MEN USE KNIVES TO CUT THEIR NAILS!

Hilarious writeup.
Well done writers.

Why I bought one (and why you should probably too):

[]I have a multi tool, it’s so cheap that when you open it, the tools flip out (DANGER DANGER)
] Small efficient design full of use=perfect for students (just drop in in that weird pocket in your backpack that has no use…UNTIL NOW)
[] It has locks for when the tools are open (nothing like having a saw get stuck in wood because of a bending hinge)
] It has covers for the tools (see first point)
[]You can replace the current tool set or clean them all because they’re all removable (hex construction)
]SOG is a reliable company
]Compound leverages: makes it a bigger tool in a smaller size
[]Multi-tool guy likes it!
]If you clicked the above link, you’ll see he’s reviewed it after 5 years of use, and it’s still great.

The features include:

“Crimper positioned in the confines of the handle to minimize collateral damage when crimping” (blasting caps, det cord, etc.)

Question: What exactly do they mean by “collateral damage”?..

This is a version made for blast technicians? Can you say “bottom of TSA confiscation bin”?

Another thing, the specification of the “Serrated Blade” is listed as only “1/2 Serrated Blade”. Does it mean you only get half a blade? half an inch? half a foot? HALF A YARD?! HALF A FREAKING MILE?!?! HALF A- HEAD ASPLODE

Is that a C4 spike in the photo?

Generally, a half-serrated blade is serrated along half its length.

edit: example