SOG Spec Elite I Knife

VG-10 Steel is very high quality, it is referred to as Super Steel… Great choice in blade quality.

Vg-10 is very brittle and chip prone.

Are you thinking of the VG1 steel that Cold Steel uses? That’s supposedly more chip prone, though I’ve never seen it in their knives.

VG10 is certainly not brittle and chip prone.

No I’m not thinking of vg-1.
I was writing a much longer post and gave up and just posted the short.

Google vg10 chipping or rolling and you’ll see some of the stories even with knives that are considered at the top of their games…
Batch paraphrase - Boy my vg10 fallkniven is the best knife ever I just wish it didn’t chip so easily.

I have and have had tons of vg-10
And laminate with vg-10 core and they are very hit or miss. They are even hit or miss in the same generation knife from one particular manufacturer (ex spyderco)
I was looking for a couple including my shuns and a spyderco or two to show limited to heavy use blade edge damage and compare it to heavier use of same type knife in another steel not sure where any of the VG10 I still have are right now.

They are good for cutting soft items. And for kitchen knives - if youre mindful of what you’re cutting and how - they can be fantastic for the large part. There are some exceptions.