SOG Spirit Fixed Blade/Spear, 36" Handle

SOG Spirit Fixed Blade/Spear, 36" Handle


What’s the difference?

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I noticed this also.

Woot staff can you confirm this actually does come with the 36" handle as pictured?

Everything on the mother-ship site & in the description on woot says you can add a broomstick.

Please clarify if the 36" handle is included with this and not on AMZ?

Woot definitely appears to come with the metal spear. Amazon says it’s a “5 piece” and “1 handle” so I am curious if Amazon just has a better price and same package.

Hmm, AMZ tech details also state 13.6 ounces…& powered by AC/DC!

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The Amazon description on Mothership says it comes with “5 pieces” and “1 handle”. The telescopic spear is considered a 3 piece set based on previous Amazon listing response from 2018. Amazon probably needs to answer which is a better deal.

The reviews are overall negative by people who actually went out and tried to us it. So if you are a mall ninja, go for it. For someone with a reasonable desire to use this then be warned the tips break easy and the metal is sub-par for this type of application.

Yea, I’ll probably pass…but if it were under $30 and with the long handle…& powered by AC/DC…win/win/win.

About 36”. Ours comes with the handle.

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Highway to hell?

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If you’re hunting dinosaurs, or are a member of a company of Swiss Pikes, you can attach this to an extendable painters pole to have a 12 foot spear or Pike.

I’m sitting here weighing the pro’s and con’s of purchasing this spear. I got a sh*t ton pro’s and hardly and cons! Not to mention the blade was made with 420 Stainless, Merica eff yeah!

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Are the threads plastic? (where the stick screws into the tip)

I have to buy this just in case

According to this Q&A on Amazon, it’s hard thermoplastic.

Huh, no zombie questions.


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I was all in until someone mentioned the handle/shaft was plastic… hard pass!

If you’re not a fan of plastic shafts, maybe you can use just the tip.