SOG Spirit Fixed Blade/Spear, 36" Handle

SOG Spirit Fixed Blade/Spear, 36" Handle

How would this be used in normal daily life?

Define “normal”

Careful, you’ll put an eye out with that thing!

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Hunting. Specifically hunting feral hogs. Some of us hunters prefer using the primitive weapons of our ancestry to keep up and pass along traditions; spears, atlatls, slings, etc. Much like some American hunters still use muzzle-loaded, single shot rifles (think muskets); out of tradition. Spears are perfect for effectively and ethically killing game like hogs while keeping them at safe distance (feral hogs are aggressive and have tusks sharp enough to tear flesh). Some people hunt bear with spears also. …Great question!


Technology advancements were made for a reason…to “Improve” on the previous model. As such, I’d rather use my AR-15 in a survival situation. I’ll leave the spear chucking to the neanderthals.

Please provide an example of such a “survival situation”.

smkw is selling this for $34.99 with the 36" handle. They often has 10%-25% coupon codes. Too lazy to search for an active one now, but may be worth investigating if you’re purchasing this or planning on it.

If this was $10 cheaper I’d probably buy it for fun.