SOG Stainless Steel Paratool

Sorry…I have 1 of these already

Cool, they haven’t had something like these since 3am est this morning.

WoW $40.00?


bought the multi-tool version of this (basically the same thing only with more tools to flip out) and love it. The knives are super sharp and lock into place without worry that they’ll move and you’ll cut yourself.

Best money I’ve spent so far on woot that wasn’t on screaming monkeys.

Nice, a $35 torture implement, just what I always wanted!

The picture!!! :scared: !!!

not this again bring back the portable neatdesk

is it decent quality? how heavy is it?

Woot this be considered a Woot-off killer?

Great quality. It’s a bit heavy but not too bad.

You don’t like my picture? I washed my hair and everything :frowning:

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Manufacturer product page:

List price is $90

If you want to understand the SOG Stainless Steel Paratool, start by understanding this:
the SOG Stainless Steel Paratool was made for one reason - to serve man. The man who seeks to serve the SOG Stainless Steel Paratool is a fool beyond redemption.

Needs a toothpick.

Regular retail can run a lot more has you can see here.

I’ve had mine since 1992! Excellent tool! Much better than the equivalent leatherman tool! I think I paid this much or more back then. I think this is a deal (if I didn’t already own 3 SOG tools :wink:

I don’t know…everytime I turn around, woot!'s selling another dog