SOG Stingray 2.0 Pocket Knife

You have to be kidding me…

holy knife batman!

Will it ble… cut a Blentec up?

MOTHER OF PEARL! Those are some sharp looking knives!

Holy mother of pearl!

This should go quick. in this economy lots of people have disposable income for a $95 pocket knife

another knife to add to my collection. Hope we get a flashlight next.

Ugh, mother of pearl on an otherwise all-steel knife is just ugly.

A $90 pocket knife in mother of pearl… How many hours is this thing gonna be up?

I hope these go faster than the Field Pups… Anyone else awake for that woot abortion?

If only i didnt already have one.

That’s not a knife…

Holy crap…these are some expensive pocket knives.

$90 pocket knife? Woot.terrible?

I want one, but $90+5 = too much for a knife

I really want a nice knife, do you think this will cut it?

Pearl, Really?

Previous Woot: $99.99
ahh savings

I wonder if this is what killed steve irwin

Is this what killed Steve Irwin?