SOG Swedge with Kydex Sheath

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SOG Swedge with Kydex Sheath
$49.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Ah, Gotta love the SOG Knives.

What do you hunt, Elephant?

“current numbers” somehow I saw as “cucumbers.” What with the wootoff and all this coffee, I’m getting bleary-eyed. Dang, Riddick should carry a knife like this, it’s bad-donkey!

Why always the knives?!

A video demo of the knife:


It looks sharp.

It’s actually half the price of most other places I can find it… They make decent knives, but I’m more of a spyderco man myself. This is still a lot more than I’d like to spend on this kinda knife…

…thats not a knife…

If you buy one of these, remind me never to make you angry.

Keep this baby away from the Gaming Buds cord… bad combination…

I see these badass knives every woot-off and they sell well enough.

But what the hell do you use them for? obviously not cooking. camping maybe? they seem a little like overkill for cutting fishing line and sharpening your weiner roasting stick.

The pointy end goes into the other man

A previous Woot-off

Is it more handy then this Swiss Army Knife?

It sorta looks like a box cutter, especially when it’s in the sheath.

OJ Simpson approves this knife. Buy 3.

Waiting for something slightly less lethal in that it folds…

Wonder if this would make it past TSA.
Yeah I’m kidding, I’m not serious and don’t call me Shirley.
I heart SOG knives.