SOG Swedge with Kydex Sheath

I see you’ve played knifey spooney before.

It’s a spoon!

I saw one similar to this in a bar recently…

Damnit. Beat me to it.

Good deal.

Agreed, spyderco and cold steel. Get those on a wootoff and I will buy them out.

I’m not the best when it comes to the barbecue grill - a set of these as steak knives might come in handy for my dinner guests. They do look a bit dangerous though. That’s a good thing.

your video is lacking in action. That is a hand fondling the knife. I want to see it cut shit up.

edit: that is an interesting censor phrase.

Will TSA allow it through?

More junk imported from asia.

the purchasers are just happy it isn’t the complete crap from Pakistan

You have to be creative with it’s use:

A strong fixed blade knife can be used for just about anything…digging, prying, cutting, splitting firewood (batoning), you name it. This one seems a little short for splitting firewood though.

This hour’s deal sponsored by Catherine Becker

I love how the camera angle makes the blade look gigantic. Then in the video, it’s a little bitty thing.

This might be pricey for a knife, but it’s also great value for the kind of knife it is. AUS-8 steel is excellent steel, and is a great steel for an everyday kind of knife. SOG is also a great knifemaker, though I don’t have any of their knives. If I was looking for a fixed-blade knife (benefits are: stronger and tougher, won’t ever fold on you like some folders will), this is an excellent buy.

Me, I prefer folders… plus my Benchmade and CRKT pocket folders already cleaned out my knife budget for; oh, the rest of my life.

SOG is good at hiding the “Made in…” marking on the reverse side of the blade.

It’s a KILLER deal!

No woot-off theme?

Does it have a USB port?

What good is a cool special forces sharp shiny thingy if you can’t stick it into an enemies MAC and download all his tunez and replace them with Justin Bieber songs!

Good Deal, $127 at SMKW.