SOG Swedge with Kydex Sheath

Now that’s a knife.

poor woot

That’s a sharp looking deal.

I’m tempted to buy it to kill myself so I don’t have to remember the last 6 hours worth of items.

AUS8 stainless steel at high price.
Do Not Buy.

Does it come with a USB cable? Or do I have to buy separate?

I am in for three, but only because of the Kydex Sheath… hahahahahaha

Is this compatible with Mac?

Not a bad deal, goes for around $95 on Amazon

Amazon listing.

Is this considered a kitchen knife or for use in the thunderdome?

yeah…next…woot needs pandora skip button…

Hey that’s what I as thinking, finally something useful. seppuku anyone?

unless, you don’t need one

This is a Knife!

You wrote that with an Australian accent I hope. You would make Paul Hogan proud.

If no purchase is made we do not move on

It should come with a beacon that alerts the purchaser when similar items or on woot so they can purchase them, and we… well we can move on. And live, live I tell you.

Is it just me or my poorly adjusted contrast, but does that first full size picture look like half the knife is missing?