SOG Toothlock VG10 San Mai Steel Pocket Knife

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SOG Toothlock VG10 San Mai Steel Pocket Knife
$49.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

Somebody actually bought that laptop? Wow.

Now I can probably actually get lunch.

I’ll take a stab at it…

someone bought 2 of that laptop.

fifty bucks???
Uhh no.

serrated, for utility.

Too expensive and not enough knife for the price.

who wants a knife? I want a mouse!

Would be interested in this if it had a nice wooden handle, but it does not, so I am alas out of the market for it.

Could use a nice leatherman, though (hint hint woot)

I have a Kershaw that I love. Does anybody know if this has a lock? That slide-release looks like pocket-danger to me!

Bought one of these in the last Woot-Off, I love it.

Protip: Don’t use it to cut the top out of a beer can… Oops.
That’s what I get for letting a friend borrow it and not paying attention.

Someone was questioning the quality of SOG knives during the last offering… Well they are good enough to the Navy Seals and other special forces.

I’ve used them hard for 15 years and I will use no other. Someone had the audacity to say that Spyderco were higher quality and had less frills. I think not!! Spyderco is ridiculously overpriced and I had to separate models fall apart on me. And look at their catalog, they care WAY more about look than function. SOG FTW!!

What’s up with all of the knives?

Are there a bunch of serial-killer wooters?

Or, are people supposed to buy them to open packaging for all of the wootoff items they bought?

“First sucker: nonviolent1”

Irony, much?

ohhh … toothLOCK! At first I thought it said toothpick - scary toothpicks!

I bought one of these when they were offered before (the black oxide blade, not included here, but otherwise identical).

It’s a great knife. Very sharp, good feel of quality to it. Although it is NOT assisted opening, it opens very quickly with a flick of the thumb, and the lever (visible in the pics) unlocks it for folding; very simple and easy.

My only complaint is the belt clip; if you don’t want to clip it to something, that clip can be annoying. It looks like there’s a hex screw to remove said clip, but I haven’t tried to remove it yet.

This isn’t a cheap Walmart knife, this thing is real quality, and for $50, it’s worth it.