SOG Topo Meridian Knife

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SOG Topo Meridian Knife
$29.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Again? wtf.

In case you forget who makes these, they very kindly put SOG both on the blade AND cut out the letters in the handle! Even better than sewing your name into your underwear.

Twice in 1 woot off:

Look out! He’s got a knife!

We had this already…

Too many repeats. One of the beauties of a #woot-off was that the next item was always different.

What’s with the duplication, this is the second time for this and the cell extender has been up at least twice as well.

I bought this when it came up this morning, it may look a bit funky but the reviews are mostly positive on Amazon and it definitely is a good bargain.

This ain’t no Roomba

I find it even more exciting this time.

You could use this to open your BOC! everyone should buy 3! Lets get this show on the road!

Zero wooters wooting.

Good deal I’m in for 8

Is this legal in Illinois to carry on you?

I’d be all over this if it was a half-serrated blade. Those things come in god-awful handy.

Got/getting 2 Roombas? Why not pick up 2 knives, strap them to your Roombas and have a Roomba-battle!

2 Roombas enter… both probably leave!*

*Disclaimer: Don’t do this…unless you’ve built yourself a safe Roomba fighting cage.

I want a Roomba!

I missed this the first time.

your order is in.
you’re all set now.

Checking the Woot heat map, looks like polygamists and the Amish go big for SOG knifes…plus the children of the corn.