SOG Topo Meridian Knife

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SOG Topo Meridian Knife
$29.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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I bought three of the 50 dollar knives last wootoff. Someone Else’s turn. The knives work great, stay sharp. But I just don’t like the design of this one.

If it means anything to you guys my SOG Knife was Gunny Approved (You know R Lee Ermey? Full Metal Jacket? No? Okay.) So maybe these ones are too.

How fast will this slice through a human sternum? Just curious.

More SOG stuff… $46 on Amazon…

it’s obvious nobody wants this. The woot count is still at max. I bet they only have 10 peaces.

how do i track a order

Sweet! I can cut a grease drip tray in my new grill!

$47 from Amazon

When it ships they email you a tracking link

Click My Account, Click the order in question, tracking number

the stuff comes with snail-mail so there’s no tracking. You get an email when it was sent out. And that’s it. It usually leaves from Texas. So, go figure.