SOG Visionary I Knife

I have this knife and it is my 100% go to carry knife. in for one as a backup.

These prices could be better. There is plenty of competition in this market at this price range and none of these are priced much more than $10-$15 off. If you’re already going to buy it, then sure go for it. But there are simply better brands, better knives and better prices available. These aren’t best in class in any field… not the best knife for the price, not the best SOG has to offer for the price, not the best quality control or even close, simply put, it’s an okay deal.

Don’t go cheap on knives you intend to use and don’t carry knives you’re not willing to use. Learn how to properly sharpen your knife and how often to do it. Youtube the market method of sharpening if it’s your first knife and learn how wonderful the hobby can be.