SOG X-Ray Vision Knife

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SOG X-Ray Vision Knife
$59.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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I’ve always wanted X-Ray Vision

You’ve got me interested haha

Very pointy.

So all along Dexter just wanted to X-Ray people.

Price is about double on Amazon! Looks like a great deal if you are into SOG.

I own several knives including 3 or 4 SOG’s- great knives! You get what you pay for.

I am afraid to post. Every time I click submit it feels in vein, because the wootoff changes and it is gone. Lost into the wootoff archives, never to be read, along with my time never to be lived.

Tons of interest here #not.

NO! I want the Leatherman multi-tool!

Heh, I had the exact same thought.

SOG does make great knives though.

That’s the kind of thinking that get you cut :stuck_out_tongue:

:insert bathroom break here:

I want an SOG in this wootoff but this is just too much i think ughh

Perfect gift for the office survivalist…every company has one of those guys.

This is different. It is built with cutting edge technology.

So very sad. have a beer.

I think with this addition I have time to shower and make it back in time before the next one!

Wish me luck, wooters! Runs like a crazy person

give the chumby back!