Soirée Bottle Top Wine Aerator

…and cue the decanter vs. Soiree vs. Vinturi debates.

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Vinturi wins - hands down

I give it two thumbs meh.

I love this thing. Anything that helps me get to drinking wine faster is quality. :slight_smile: It really helps to open up the wine.

Blind Tasting: Vinturi vs. Soirée

Unable to get the page, what was the verdict?

I finally saw one of these in action while we were tasting at the X-Winery (I guess he received one for free from a merchant). It was fun to watch but didn’t seem to change the taste or nose significantly.

richardhod posted this on the Vinturi forum:

I’d say this holds true for the Soiree as well, which I bought in the July Woot.

Also, it would be problematical to run it through multiple times, since it sits on top of the bottle.

Finally, some of the wine inevitably falls back into the bottle, which isn’t so great if you plan to save some wine for tomorrow.

I still like it, though. Very convenient.

Meh. 20 bucks and free 2 day shipping with prime on amazon.

Is 2 dollars worth the impulse buy?

I’ve been thinking about throwing down for some kind of aerator for awhile now . . . as this is less of a financial commitment (for this starving, but wine-appreciating grad student), I’m in for one! =)

Verdict was Soiree. Vinturi was distant third. Looking at the pictures, Soiree looks as though it agitates the wine quite a bit more. Inasmuch as aeration is the object, that probably means the results match the intent.

Tell me again why I shouldn’t just open the bottle to let some air in, put a cap on it, and shake it before drinking?

Hmm - the link works for me. Anyhow:

Overall Results (1 is best, 4 is worst):

  1. Soirée (1.66 Average from scores of 1, 1, 3)
  2. Pop 'n Pour (2 Average from scores of 3, 2, 1)
  3. Decanter (2.66 Average from scores of 2, 4, 2)
  4. Vinturi (3.66 Average from scores of 4, 3, 4)

Nothing wrong with that. Also free.

Again, from richardhod:

"Decanting used to be about removing dregs and a little aeration. Always careful and smooth. We tend to treat wine smoothly, not shake it up… now whether that’s just old practice it because shaking it ‘shocks’ it into bad or muted flavours I’m not sure… "

It’s kind of like the great “bottle shock” debate, except that you’re drinking the wine immediately afterward, so one wonders just how much damage can be done. I don’t think I’ve ever see a blind taste test with that, though.

Damn, and I bought a vinturi yesterday. Is it really that much of a difference or should I take this as anecdotal?

Anyone else tried both?

I can’t imagine the difference is that great. I like the Soiree because it’s glass (I’m careful with my stuff), so it won’t scratch or stain as easily. And it’s cheaper - I’d rather spend on the wine.

man, I bought the Vinturi last time. And I want a decanter. But I really don’t need all three! Anyone actually own both and have any thoughts on if the Vinturi works as well as the Soirée??