Soirée Bottle Top Wine Aerator

wine.woot gods I come to thee for a prediction.

Will we see the Vinutri?

(because if not I’m going to buy this)

My friend works at a winery tasting room and she does side by side tastings with the Soiree, the Venturi, and the bottle by itself. The Soiree always wins and the cost here is about a third of the Venturi. So needless to say they sell a lot of Soirees there.

Have one at home and it works great, it’s fun to turn the bottle completely upside down and see people’s reactions. Gave two as Christmas gifts last year!

I use one of these. I finally got around to doing a taste test - one freshly opened bottle with the Soiree vs. one decanted for an hour. My unscientific verdict: definitely different from pop and pour, but not as effective as a full hour in the decanter.

Pros and Cons vs. the VInturi: this is more portable, no tower needed. More breakable, but not a problem so long as you’re careful. It agitates the wine more, and some falls back into the bottle, which is problematic if you don’t plan to finish the bottle in one night.

Blind Tasting: Vinturi vs. Soirée

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That is one cool looking bong.

I’m such a klutz, I would break this thing immediately.

Yeah! Bought 3 last time and wanted more! In for 3 again, great gifts! Especially paired with a bottle of wine!!

Buy three. Use two for tree ornaments.

I have one of these and a Venturi. I like them both, but for different reasons. The soiree is much more spill proof than the Venturi, but honestly, it’s very fragile compared to the Venturi, which is practically unbreakable.

I bought one of these a few months ago as a gift for a wine maker. He absolutely loved it. I am thinking of buying more as gifts.

wow these went fast. i was still debating whether to spring for one despite the vinturi that i use sproadically.

I love to see the comments about Soiree Wine Decanter.

[list=1]Key attributes:
[]It is in the bottle (easy to use, drip proof).
]It is made of glass. (never-ever do you see plastic in the wine drinking/making process.)
[]While it looks fragile - it is 10X thicker than a light bulb, and those are durable enough for the mass market. Soiree is also made of a proprietary glass blend, which enables it to have such voluptuous shapes and then have the dimples pushed back in. It’s as or more durable than your reidels. :slight_smile:
]Soiree does NOT inject air into the wine. Wine is not gasoline, it does not and should not be subjected to such harsh treatments. Injecting air into wine can un-integrate flavors and strip fruit from wine. Soiree works on compression, or natural infusion of oxygen, wine is fragile and should be respected as such.[/list]
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