Soirée Bottle Top Wine Aerator

Soirée Bottle Top Wine Aerator
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PRODUCT: 1 Soirée Bottle Top Wine Aerator

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Sooo… one gasket or two?

One. I ordered this last week and got an email saying that the picture is in err and there is only one gasket.

Meh. The standard retail price (and shipping is free at many sites) is $19.99. So this is only $1 cheaper. Amazon has it for $19.99 with free Prime Ship every day.

Question from a wine n00b. Will an aerator really make a sufficient enough difference to make this a useful tool?

I bought three last week, so the discount was better

I have 2 of these (1 unopened). I use it when I need or expect to pour an entire bottle quickly & I use my Vinituri for doing things by the glass. My overall preference, time permitting, is to use one of my decanters.

Is this product compatible with the Franzia boxed wine?

I use the Vinituri almost exclusively but this is also a useful way to airate only the amount you wish to serve.
my Decantor is great but if you are only serving a glass or two Vinturi is the way to go.

I did a taste test using one of these and a cheap ($8) bottle of wine my husband brought home. Two glasses, one through the Soiree, one raw from the bottle. Wow, what a difference. It was like a whole new wine. Actually drinkable. Of course, the other glass tasted somewhat like turpentine without the treatment. There are limits to what it can do.

I have heard that this is good for both white and red wines. Red you invert the bottle completely and white wine you angle the bottle.

Yes. It’s pretty great. And if you’re going to decant, you can still use this to drastically cut down on the amount of time you have to wait.

I did not realize this was not for doing glass by glass. I’m kinda disappointed that it does not work like the Vinturi in that respect.

I use it to pour glass by glass almost exclusively.

Im sorry if I misled you it is perfect for by the glass. My sister uses this I use my Venturi.
We have also conducted blind taste tests and the Venturi all ways beats the non venturi wines, always!!!

When is this thing going to ship? I ordered it for someone’s birthday and it is starting to look like it won’t be here on time.