Soirée Bottle Top Wine Aerator

Soirée Bottle Top Wine Aerator
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PRODUCT: 1 Soirée Bottle Top Wine Aerator

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Does anyone else think that it’s absurd that Cesare gets a quality post every time he does his job? I mean, why not include that information in the Woot Bot information if it will be disseminated every time a deal is presented. If no one else has a chance to provide the information that he provides, he does not deserve a quality post. I am not bashing Cesare here, he provides quality information and I appreciate it, I am merely questioning the system to which we all subscribe to on a daily basis.

used mine just the other night. I am starting to appreciate it a little more. An attractive addition to the glassware, and adds a bit of dazzle. Nothing to replace a small amount of time in the decanter though.

well reviewed but not much of a deal. 19.99 and eligible for free super saver shipping on amazon

I purchased one of these a while back from Wine Woot. Very easy to use. For aerating more than just a glass at a time, the instructions recommend covering the pour opening and inverting the bottle a few times. Haven’t tried that, but I did do a before and after test with just a glass of malbec. There was a perceptible difference in depth and mouth feel. I don’t claim to be an expert; I’m just your average, “I like what I like” wino. If I had a better-schooled palate, maybe I could have discerned more. But for someone like me, who doesn’t need to decant a full bottle at a time, I really like the convenience and ease of use.

It’s not his job, otherwise he’d have a red bar above his name. So let him have the QPs. What does it hurt you? We each have a role in wine.woot. That’s his role that he’s chosen.

I really like mine, and use it often. I’m not the sort that plans ahead so that I can properly decant a bottle, I get an urge while watching TV and grab a bottle. This does a nice job of softening whatever I picked up on sale at the state store (in PA we don’t have the option to get our wine through woot, just our goat cheese)

This has made some pretty rough reds quite drinkable

My wife, however, just thinks I like gadgets

Wow, how deep, how true…
Really couldn’t agree more.

Got one of these a while ago and am quite happy. It’s quite compact compared to other aerators; very easy to use and clean, and is effective.

Nope. You are misinformed and alone.

This is interesting feedback, thanks!

Frankly, I’d trade all my quality posts (and my leftover Krave jerky from March) for another shot at Blue Rock Cab or the recent Calcareous offer!

wine bong?

wine bong?

I’ve tried a few aerators, including this one, and I would say this one is decent. I’ve conducted no studies or anything - just going by my feelings through using them.

I am not a big fan of the Vinturi, which was the first one I bought.

My preferred aerator is the one made by Rabbit, which looks kind of like a closed flower blossom pointing down.

The Soiree seems to work alright, and it is indeed easy to use and clean. I dislike having to fully invert my wine bottle in order to get the best out of it. Based on what I think I know about this aerator’s mechanism, that inversion seems to be pretty necessary.

Overall, a decent aerator, but better can be found for a comparable price, IMO.

Damn… want to buy a couple more of these… but keep getting this crap… even took me 4 reloads to just post this.
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I want to buy another for my girl, and another as a gift to a friend who loves wine.
These noticeably improve any wine that I have tried… unlocks so much flavor in just a couple flips.

Love it!

I bought this one in the last Wine Woot off. I really like it but agree that I don’t like having to completely invert the bottle. I’m glad you said that about the Vinturi - I was considering buying that one.

I bought this one in the last Wine Woot off. I really like it but agree that I don’t like having to completely invert the bottle. I’m glad you said that about the Vinturi - I was considering buying that one.

Not sure why that posted twice - sorry!