Soiree Luxury Sport Wine Aerator 2-Pack

Soiree Luxury Sport Bottle-Top Glass Wine Aerator with Travel Case 2-Pack
$36.99 $69.98 47% off List Price

I think I have one of the original Soirees! This aerator has served me well for many years. It does a great job while looking beautiful as the wine cascades and swirls thru the device into the glass. A very necessary item for the wine connoisseur.

Agree, this is my go-to aerator. Also the case (and the smartly designed ring that fits over a wine bottle neck) makes a huge difference. It’s not very portable without it.

Thanks to you all for your favorable words and support!

Hope you enjoy this deal & please keep spreading the word :).


Another upvote for this aerator. Does more for a young wine than any other option. Picking up a backup right now.

Only downside is they are a bit annoying to clean, but small price to pay.