Soiree Luxury Sport Wine Aerator 2-Pack

It’s a nice-looking aerator, but what makes it “luxury” and “sport”? Were the Soiree aerators that were sold here previously more Spartan in nature?

Haha, good question. I can see the travel case possibly qualifying the “sport” designation, unsure about “luxury”. That said, I have 2 of these. One without the case (it has a stand instead) and one with the case (and handy ring-around-the-bottle). I love the convenience of the carrying case w/ring although I had an embarrassing experience with it when pouring wine for a fundraiser last year.

It was a 2014 Napa red blend. The Soiree’s aerating prowess, coupled with the fact that the bottle is almost completely inverted while using it, resulted in an incredible amount of sediment in the first glass I poured. I was red(der) faced when the gentleman I poured it for came back with his empty (save for all that sediment) glass and asked for a different wine. I didn’t expect a 2014 to be throwing sediment already and I certainly didn’t expect it in the first glass out of the bottle!

Still, it really is a nice aerator if you’re in the market for one.