Soiree Signature Series Gift Set

Soiree Signature Series Gift Set
$29.99 (Normally $50.00) 40% off List Price

In the box:
(1) Soiree Signature Series Gift Set includes:
Soiree In-Bottle Aerator
Wine Preserver
Compact Travel Case
Stand and Drying Rack
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Hey all. There’s some great and interesting discussion going on lately in the product threads about the site, photos, shipping, pricing, and Woot Plus.

The problem is that it’s hard for us to keep track of your feedback when it’s in different product threads.

Sooooooooooo, I’ve started a thread where you can share those ideas, suggestions, complaints, and concerns in one concentrated thread that we can more easily monitor it.

How about it?


The “leading wine aerator” offers a somehow different unit for white wine than red wine. (I only have the red wine one–bought it from Woot.) Are they right that red and white require different types of aerators or is this product’s manufacturer right when it seems to be saying their wine aerator work on both red and whitee wine?

Also, what’s the expected life of a glass aerator? I’m pretty rough on things, and like the acrylic (or arcrylic-like) durability of the one I have.

Another waste of a Wine Woot. What is with you guys? Woot, uh, let’s see, WINE.

Pffffft. Thursdays are always our “Out of the Box” days on Wine.Woot.

I bought this at an earlier offering. It works. It “mellowed” the red wines I tried. I compared it to a venturi product and this was far superior. Maybe if I allowed the wine to aerate for several hours, I won’t need anything else, but I don’t wait that long to drink the stuff. Maybe if I spent several hundred dollars per bottle, I may not need the aerator, but I don’t. One more thought, if you are trying to impress some babe, wipe this out, it will get her attention.

I have used this for about 2 years and love it! Be sure to turn the bottle fully upside down or your defeating the purpose. Only flaw is there is no strainer so for older wines that contain sediment you may want to use something else.

Love to hear it! Soiree is always a great conversation starter.


You are spot on! Thanks for commenting. And watch for some fun products from us, think you’ll be happy. :slight_smile:

Yikes! Thanks for the heads up. I just made a call to get the states list fixed.

FYI: we don’t ship to Hawaii except for Shirt. You’ll be good for Indiana though.

UPDATE: They’re fixed. Now, go buy 3.

I’ve had the Soiree for at least two years and I love it. I did alot of looking around before I bought. This does a trerrific job while being a beautifully designed item. It’s lovely to see the wine swirling around the cut glass design!! Mine came with two rubber gaskets to fit any bottle- not sure if this one does. It sits on its drying stand so it can store perfectly. I really wish mine had come with a carrying case though. For the price point, you can’t go wrong. The other aerators on the market are so over priced.

Where was this before Father’s Day? Oh, well.

Yes but I’ve come to expect gourmet food items. This is too wine-y for Thursday! (I know, you just can’t please some people…)

I just want to add a note on the company’s great customer service. I bought one of these a few years ago in a tasting room, and it didn’t come with the rubber connectors. I sent them a note and Soiree sent me 4 at no cost.
And it works great! :slight_smile:

I admit that I don’t always take the time to read the product write-up but this one was spot on! Good job!

Bought this when it popped up on the woot off many months ago. I absolutely love it. You can notice the difference immediately in the nose. It certainly opens my reds up significantly faster than when I do not use it.

I would and have recommended this to many friends/family. It is very easy to use, especially compared to many others I have seen out there. The aerator cleans very quickly and the stand is perfect for drying storage.

You won’t regret if you buy in my opinion.

I bought a couple of these on Woot. They were cheaper, but these are more of a gift set.

I have both the Vinturi and this one and this is my preferred aerator. First, it seems to work better. Second, it’s easier to clean. Third, it looks much prettier.

My only hang-up is that pushing this thing onto the end of the bottle and then inverting the whole thing is kind of scary. If I don’t have three hands (one for the glass, one for the Soiree, one for the bottle), I’m always wary about using this device anywhere except over the sink. Don’t get me wrong: the flow rate is nice and slow - you’re not going to get too much in your glass. I just worry about the stopper coming out and soaking me and my dining room in expensive staining grape juice…

I can attest to the durability of this aerator. While I cringe and hold my breath every time I do this, I’ve bounced it off our counter tops a few times and it has stayed in one piece.

I’ll also second the great customer service. One of my rubber gaskets tore and the company sent me a new set free of charge.

Great product!