Soiree Signature Series Gift Set

Soiree Signature Series Gift Set
$29.99 (Normally $50.00) 40% off List Price
(1) Soiree Signature Series Gift Set includes:
Soiree In-Bottle Aerator
Wine Preserver
Compact Travel Case
Stand and Drying Rack
Gift Box

A stopper for leftover wine? Who has leftover wine?

We use our Soiree with every bottle of red. It works

Only took OVER 6 weeks for this to be delivered the last time it was offered


I have this and have used it for about 4 years. It works extreemly well on reds. One of the benifits is the beautiful way the wine swirls thru the glass as it aerates and then pours into your glass! A thing of beauty as well as functional. I bought these as Christmas presents for all the wine drinkers in my family and they love them. The carry case is a bonus!

Rather boring start to a woot off, IMHO

Like ddgaffer said, it took a looooooong time for me to get mine. Something got messed up and it was still showing on my order page as an open shipment until about two weeks after I got it.

Very pleased with it though. Easier and cleaner than using the Vinturi over-glass aerator. I wouldn’t use it unless you plan on finishing the bottle because whatever aerated wine doesn’t make it into the glass drains back into the bottle.

This is awesome. Used it last night on a Tallulah. Easy to use, clean and dry (with the stand). Looks good in my opinion. I recommend it to everyone who does not already have an aerator.

Now if it will only stay that way so I don’t get tempted… Going to Cali soon and I am already pushing capacity. Don’t do it to me woot!

I had this, and it worked quite well. Unfortunately, gravity exists and this thing is made of glass. It lasted about a year before succumbing to the floor. NOw I have a Vinturi; it works just as well and is made of plastic. Not as pretty, but much better for clumsy (or drunk) people.


However it does work really well compared to a vinturi

Tastes better with the Soiree - I’ve done comparisons. Had the same thing happen to my first Soiree - wish I’d seen this earlier, I could have stocked a couple of extras.