Soiree Tilt Chilling Sphere (2)

Soiree Tilt Chilling Sphere 2-Pack
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Whiskey spheres!

With my luck I would take a sip and end up with a chipped tooth.

from all the reviews i can find, these things are good at keeping things cold. what im wondering though, is when you raise your glass to drink from it, does the thing roll and smack you in the teeth/mouth/face??

From the amazon page:

“tilt is center weighted to always sit right side up and won’t roll out of your glass”

Is also $25.99 on amazon, prime eligible.

The little stirrer/hooker thing is such a simple and elegant solution. $20 is still rather steep for 2.

I wish my sphere ice molds came with little hook holes.

Won’t the ball just freeze the surrounding liquid, thereby creating an insulation layer, and possibly damaging subtle flavors, so the rest of the drink is prevented from cooling?

Anyone got a video?

Check out this DrinkHacker review:

The Tilt actually gets colder the longer it is in the glass and beat whiskey stones and ice!

I use em’ and they have become another set of balls I can’t live without.

Even for those without Prime, that’s beyond the $25 required for free shipping.

I’m actually quite fond of the photography techniques used for the pictures. Not fond enough to spend $25 for an ice replacement, however.

but can’t it still slide out of the glass?

However it’s weighted, I presume it doesn’t manage to defy gravity though?

If you tip the glass up and back while drinking, it will fall towards your face unless there is there anchoring it.

I designed the tilt. It is a sphere and will not defy gravity, but we’re working on that :). If you pay attention to when you drink, you usually have the glass at slight decline away from your mouth or barely even. The tilt sphere has a weight in the bottom of it, this is to make sure the tilt’s hook is always right side up to easily be picked up with the included garnishing stick / retrieval hook. Secondly, the weight at the bottom of the ball, will cause a hesitation which helps prevent the tilt from just rolling out as if it were a pinball (hence the name tilt). In summation, they can roll out of the glass, but it’s pretty much the last sip you need to be watchful of.

And yes. If you are concerned for your teeth or iced out grill, remove the tilt from your drink before you sip.

And oh ya. No one talked about how these are great for foods. Use them in cold soups, serving dips outdoors, cooling down hot soups/teas/coffee and whatever you want to use them for. Once you have them in the freezer you’ll find tons of fun uses.

I love em for wines on the deck, coconut water, and craft ginger sodas. And of course bourbon or your spirit of choice.


That’s an interesting concept and I have yet to see that happen. It’s has medical grade non toxic freezer solution inside of it. So the core is very energy respondent, making the tilt a very even and steady chilling sphere. They chill a drink slowly, so they should not “shock” the chemistry of a beverage which is evident in the drink hacker review (there is a link posted in the comment just below your original post).

And here is our brand video:

Lmk any other questions.

Do these have any negative impact on glassware?

My thought exactly!!!

Gee, and now Amazon is showing them at $29.99. Isn’t that amazing…

“I always feel like, somebody’s watching me” lol Since Amazon now owns Woot! you’d think they would have thought of that BEFORE the avid Wooter!s did their due diligence! They think they’re so clever!