Soireehome Dimple Pint Glass Bundle

Soireehome Dimple Pint Glasses with Dimple Refills Bundle
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Soireehome Dimple Pint Glass (Set of 2)
(2) Pint Glasses
(2) Dimples
Soireehome Dimple Refills
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Very good reviews (4.6 out of 5.0) over at amazon

So these glasses are super chic, well-made, and well-designed. So says the designer/manufacturer (me). I’m a one-man designer out of the Napa Valley & a fellow wooter like yourselves.

the premise is that Dimple glasses are gonna keep a cold beer chilled for about 30 minutes - the time it takes to drink a beer or smoothie or soda … I am sure you’re gonna love these, if not for the cool factor with your beer slinging friends - but because they’re fun and life is short.

they are made of glass and stainless steel - the proper materials for connoisseurs and causal drinkers alike. plus the dimple chiller inserts magnetically affix to the glass which just feels cool (pun intended) as well.

and these are also great for the warmer months which are coming slowly but surely.

So I pay a crapton of money to put my ice in the bottom of the glass? I feel like soapstone or stainless steel ice cube are a cheaper and a lot more robust solution.

The real question here is, who actually takes 30 minutes to drink a beer

No. There is NO ice. The dimples are essentially mini ice packs. Similar concept to whisky stones, except these won’t slide around. Try reading the product description.

Whiskey stones don’t really keep anything cold; they add coolness to your drink.

I haven’t tried stainless steel ice cubes, but all the steel I’ve had does have an odor.

This looks clever, but I don’t think I need any more clever in my cupboards at the moment. Would like to hear from anyone who’s used them.

Pyrex hasn’t made their products out of borosilicate in many years. I didn’t know it was available on the market at all.

Not the same. Rocks and stainless steel don’t store as much “coldness”. Gel packs go through a phase change when they freeze (like water does when it becomes ice), and that allows it to store much more cold than a solid object that just gets lower in temperature.

As for the product, what is the grip at the base made of?

EDIT: Amazon says insulated grip is silicone.

I second this. Phase change energy is thw whole reason ice is so good at making things cold. I was skeptical before I found out these were gel inside. These will perform much better than whiskey stones. Hopefully that’s good enough…

Question: If I am right (from the Amazon description and photos) that these glasses work by inserting the frozen “gel chilling insert” from below into a “stainless steel chilling cone” already fixed in the bottom of the glass, and the drink only contacts the steel, are we then back to the limited benefit of chilled steel, or should we continue to benefit from the phase change these gel inserts apparently go through?

This was my concern also. They should advertise the ability to instantly add a faint flavor of freezer to any drink.

This guy.

So are these dishwasher safe? Do I need to unscrew the bottom from the glass to wash them? And are they really only $5 cheaper than on Amazon which has Prime shipping and honestly much better return procedures tha Woot?

I thought this pic was interesting.

I see $15 cheaper and our shipping is already built into the price (on wine.woot).

And yes, dishwasher safe per the features and specs.

How many ounces?

16 oz.